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This edition dives into the ecological, social, and economic aspects of sustainability, with a special focus on the UglyFruitsNot! project. 🌱🍏 Discover how we’re tackling food waste, promoting sustainable practices, and making a positive impact on communities. From insightful stories to project highlights, there’s plenty to explore and get inspired by! 📖✨ Check it out now and join us in making a difference! #Newsletter #Sustainability #UglyFruitsNot #FoodWaste #EcoFriendly #CommunityImpact

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Wrapping up our final Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Sofia for the UglyFruitsNot! project has been nothing short of amazing! 🍏🥦 From sharing insights to planning the future of our mission, every moment has been filled with inspiration and dedication to tackling food waste! 🌱💪 A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved for their passion and hard work! Let’s continue to make a difference together! 🌍💚 #UglyFruitsNot #TPM #Sofia #Gratitude #FoodWaste #Teamwork

🎉 Live Update 🎉 Greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria!

Our team is gathered right now for the final meeting of the Erasmus+ UglyFruitsNot! project! 🌍💡 Exciting discussions, innovative ideas, and impactful outcomes are in the works! Stay tuned for updates on our journey towards fostering intercultural understanding and cooperation! 🤝 #FinalMeeting #Sofia #Bulgaria #InterculturalExchange #Collaboration #UglyFruitsNot! #Erasmus+

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This poster showcases our mission to reduce food waste and promote sustainable consumption through innovative educational programs. Take a look, share it with your network, and join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on our food system! 🌍🌟

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Combatting Food Waste: Protecting Fresh Produce with Innovative Solutions 🍎🌍“

A truly staggering 2.6 billion tons of food goes uneaten around the world every year. That’s shocking! You have no doubt heard this scary figure before and have already implemented measures to keep your fresh products out of those mounting landfills. Can we make sure that even more of your valuable fresh products get eaten? Absolutely!

We have a simple solution to reduce product damage by over 96%. (That’s not a typo, by the way. We really do mean 96%!)

Research shows the sturdy design of IFCO reusable packaging containers provide better protection for fresh products from farm to point of sale. Produce damage rates from producer to retailer can be reduced to 0%! The study has the details.📦🌱

Study visit of Erasmus+ participants in Tymbark On February 29, 2024,

Representatives of the ARID Association along with international partners from Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, and Bulgaria visited the Tymbark Municipality as part of the project titled „Ugly“ fruits and vegetables… NOT! An innovative educational program for sustainable consumption and food waste reduction“, implemented under the Erasmus+ program.

The project aims to raise awareness about the incredible amount of food waste generated by our society and encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable food consumption practices. It emphasizes the importance of reducing food waste and the many benefits of consuming „ugly“ fruits and vegetables.

One of the project’s key messages is that the appearance of a fruit or vegetable does not affect its taste or nutritional value. In fact, many „ugly“ fruits and vegetables are just as tasty and healthy as their attractive counterparts, and they are often available at significantly lower costs.

During the study visit, project partners visited the production facilities of the Maspex company and met with the Mayor of the Tymbark Municipality, Dr. Paweł Ptaszek. The meeting, held at the town hall, was also attended by Ms. Dorota Ogórek, Secretary of the Tymbark Municipality, and Ms. Katarzyna Zborowska, an inspector from the Municipal Office. Participants represented higher education institutions (Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria), non-governmental organizations (Poland, Greece), and the farming community (Cyprus).

At the beginning of the meeting, the Mayor presented the Tymbark municipality to the participants and talked about its resources and values. During the meeting, guests asked a series of questions about entrepreneurship, environmental issues, and cooperation with local businesses. The meeting proceeded in a very pleasant atmosphere, and the participants declared that they would promote the Tymbark municipality in their countries.

Visiting the Pawlowski Fruit Press!

🍎🍐🍇 We had an incredible experience visiting the Pawlowski Fruit Press as part of the Ugly Fruits NOT project! 🌟 Their unique juices and preservative-free products are not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. 🥤✨ Ms. Ilonka graciously showed us around the factory, shared insights into their production process, and treated us to a delightful tasting session. 🍏🍇 We were all impressed by the exceptional quality of their products and highly recommend giving them a try! 🌱👍 #PawlowskiFruitPress #UglyFruitsNOT #HealthyChoices 🥤🌟

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